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The Corporation "PromEconomService" deals with scientific and technical development and introduction of new energy-saving and nature-conservative technologies, carries out licensing activity concerning all the trade aspects of the incorporeal right.
The Corporation was established in May 24, 2000.
Financial and legal model that the corporation follows is based on operations with the objects of intellectual (industrial) property and receiving of rewards in the form of royalty.
The size and the procedure of royalty payment are determined by the terms of the license contract.
Royalty charge and payment is carried out from the achieved economic and ecologic effect of the use of the intellectual property of the Corporation.

Team źPromEkonomService╗ Corporation
Limited Company Trade House "PromEconomService" was established in 2006.
The basic activity of the Trade House is the supply of special equipment that provides for practical exploitation of new energy-saving and nature-conservative technologies developed and introduced by the Corporation.
The Corporation "PromEconomService" carries out:
  • inventive activity, creation, use and introduction of technologies, inventions, utility models;
  • transfer of technologies;
  • licensing activity on all the aspects of intellectual property rights;
  • carrying out works providing usage and application of energy-saving and nature-conservative technologies;
  • design, production, assembling, checkout, after-sales service of the licensed technologies and inventions;
  • warranty and after-warranty service.
Objects of intellectual property of the Corporation:
  • World discovery "Phenomenon of increase of activity of an oxidizer at combustion of powder-gas-coal fuel ", registration ╣ 351, the Russian academy of natural sciences;
  • Copyright certificate ╣ 7194 "Scientific development "Burning intensification technology BIT";
  • Copyright certificate ╣ 10299 "Scientific work "Authorial operating system "SOM";
  • Copyright certificate ╣ 15418 "Scientific work "Technology and authorial operating system of electrical and stabilization preparation of water "S.E.P." in heat generating units";
  • Copyright certificate ╣ 16487 "Scientific research "The electrolysis plant of anti-scale preparation of water for thermal networks";
  • Patent of Ukraine ╣ 52845 "Device of oxidant preparation for fuel burning";
  • Patent of Ukraine ╣ 77143 "Method of electrical and stabilization anti-scale preparation of water, the system and the plant which realizes it";
  • Eurasian patent ╣ 005632 "Device of the oxidant preparation for fuel burning", etc.

The Corporation "PromEkonomService" is awarded the status of the winner of the Ukrainian contest "Leader of the fuel and energy complex-2003" in the nomination of "Scientific and technical development" for the " Burning intensification technology BIT" and "Leader of the fuel and energy complex-2004" in the nomination "Energy-saving project". The Corporation is the awardee of international exhibitions: Energetic Forum "Ukraine-2003", "Ecology-2003", "Environment - 2004", "KomunTech-2006", "Energysaving forum 2007".
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