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Electrolysisof water purificationtechnologyable to:
• protect your equipment from scale and oxygen corrosion process;
• work on water for completedisinfection andbacteriologicaltreatment;
• reduce theconsumptionof the coagulant at filter stations etc.

Problems of Objects Water consumption Technology solution Description of technology
Scaling and deposits on the heating surfaces of boilers and heat exchangers. Mini-boilers, car washes, office and shopping centers, individual heating in apartments and cottages. Up to 25 m3/h Mini-RAU Guaranteed full protection of heat equipment and industrial cooling systems from oxygen corrosion and scale are significantly lower (10%) reduction in fuel consumption, improve environmental performance, there is no need for chemical water treatment hot-water boilers, reusable increases their service life without repairs.
Scaling and deposits on heat exchange surfaces of heating and cooling industrial equipment. Boilers, compressor stations, refrigeration equipment, equipment of metallurgical and engineering plants. 25-300 m3/h RAU
Scaling and deposits. Turnaround cycle industrial cogeneration plants and thermal power plants 1000 - 10000
EPSE Guaranteed full protection of heat equipment from scale, lower unit costs (heat, electricity, etc.), reduction of production costs.
iological and bacteriological contamination of drinking water. Schools, hospitals, offices and shopping centers, apartments and houses. From 25 m3/h ELYZ Allows to ensure complete disinfection of water for standards of hygienic requirements for drinking water intended for human consumption without the use of chemical provides an improvement under other parameters, making the water much better for the consumer.
Biological and bacteriological contamination of drinking water. Food production. 1-200 3/
Biological and chemical contamination of sewage and groundwater mining. Mines, water wells. From 1 m3/h and higher
Consumption of coagulant Filtration plant. Of 100-500 l/h ESARK Technology activate the coagulant in water filtration systems and significantly reduce (up to 50% the cost of clean water through the use of activation of coagulant solution.
Functional diagram of the antibacterial water treatment
ELIZ is installed directly to the consumer before the final regulatory body.

Functional diagram of antiscale water treatment in boiler
RAU is set to protected from scale thermo-technical equipment
Model of equipment:
1. Power and control.
2. Graphite/ORTAanodes.
3. The reactormodule.
Range of equipment
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