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With our disinfection technology for service water, groundwater of coal mines and afterpurification of drinking water of various bacterium and microbes are equipped food factories, confectionery factories, hospitals, infant schools, etc.
Disinfection is performed in electrolyzes with ROTA anodes and the cathode surface made of stainless steel, including conduit and stop valves. Bactericidal treatment is carry on at high current densities of electric treatment of more than 200A. All installations are equipped with microprocessor-based systems of power and control with an electrolysis stabilization process, depending on temperature, consumption and electrical conductivity of the treated liquid in order to optimize the redox processes.
Efficiency of produced line of installations is in the range from 5 to 5000 m3/h and even more, which agreed with the customer at the stage of development and design.
Groundwater treatment system.
Electrochemical treatment of water of artesian wells to conditioning water, reducing salt Ca++, Mg++, iron oxides, salts, heavy metals and full bacterial treatment. Water treatment is performed in two- and three-stages electrochemical reactors with use of ROTA anodes and electric treatment of initial water at high current densities - of 200A or more.
Functional diagram of the antibacterial water treatment
ELIZ is installed directly to the consumer before the final regulatory body.

ELIZ capacity 50 m3/h at the Kraft Foods Inc factory in Trostyanets, Sumy region. Go to the gallery
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