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To provide anti-scale mode for operation of thermotechnical equipment of metallurgical enterprises has developed and implemented a system of electrochemical treatment of water of circulating cycles with performance 5000 m3/h. After cooling in water-cooling towers, chilled water passes an electrochemical process in the electrolytic plates, installed in the chambers of water-cooling towers. As anodes are used ROTA anodes, which allows carry out water treatment at high current densities. At water consumption of circulating cycle of metallurgical enterprises (5000 m3/h), power consumption is less than 50 kilowatt/h. No additional reagents are used, however, provides reliable protection for thermotechnical equipment from salt deposits, Ca++, Mg++, and iron oxides. These salts in the form of loose sediment deposited on the quick change removable cathode, which allows you to extract scale-forming deposits by subsequent mechanical cleaning of the cathodes. The system is powered by current stabilizers on thyristors with impulsive phase control system (IPCS) and is divided into four autonomous converters of four electrolyzes. Voltage stabilizers - 380V 50Hz.
The cooling tower at the CHP-PVA Metallurgical plant Donetskstal(Donetsk), equipped with the EPSE - 5000 m3/h Go to the gallery
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